Barton Fink

26 Jan


Short side note: This can be attributed to either my general lack of time to write this or my discovery of the undy-a-hundy blog but I have decided that every review for these directors weeks will be under 250 words. Starting now. Go!

The first thing that I will say about Barton Fink is that I won’t be as quick to label this as a black comedy compared to others. Although I will admit that this film has its funny moments I would never describe it as any type of “comedy”. If anything I would call this a dark drama telling the tale of a playwright from New York who found success and was immediately sold out to a life in Hollywood writing the “pictures”. This is also about his change as a character, from someone who cared about the art to an eccentric and arrogant writer who no longer cares and ends up failing because of it.

If I were to compliment two aspects of the film it would be the performances displayed by John Turturo and John Goodman. They were both excellent in their portrayals and they brought a strong realism to the screen. The other thing that I would compliment would be the set design, and that is because you truly feel as if you are in a 40’s version of Hollywood. Feel is everything in this film.

Overall, very, very good. An excellent early work of the Coen Brothers who truly show their talent as directors in this piece,


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