Childhood Classic #1: The Master of Disguise

22 Jan

Welcome to a new bimonthly series called Childhood Classics where I will be posting reviews of movies that I watched when I was younger and that I will be re-watching now.

I am starting this series with the fantastically ridiculous The Master of Disguise.


I first watched this when I was around seven years old and it was the most incredibly hilarious thing that I had ever seen. The Master of Disguise stars Dana Carvey as,wait for it, Pistachio Disguisly. Pistachio comes from a long line of Disguisly’s who all acted as Masters of Disguise. Masters of Disguise have the ability to become another person by putting on a disguise and repeating the mantra “Become another person”. This allows them to embody the personality, the voice, and the abilities of said person, and this is utilized to help prevent evil.

The plot of this movie revolves around Pistachio’s parents being kidnapped by Damion Bowman who uses his fathers abilities as a master of disguise to steal priceless artifacts to sell on the black market. These artifacts include the Apollo space module which is stolen by Pistachio’s father dressed up as Jessica Simpson. After Pistachio’s parents are taken, his grandfather arrives to teach him the ways of the masters of disguise. And shenanigans commence…

This movie is rediculous, this movie is funny. This movie is funny because it’s ridiculous. Everything from the characters and the costumes to the voices is just so absurd that it is funny.

Who can forget Dana Carvey’s impression as essentially Tony Montana when he says, “Do you got a little wiener and some tiny nuts?”

As much as I will compliment this movie, it is only as good as I am describing because it has a special place in my heart from my childhood.

In all actuality this is a poorly acted, poorly written, occasionally offensive kids movie. But I love it anyway. In my personal opinion, none of the things that make it a bad movie make it any less funny and that is because you can laugh at how ridiculous it really is.

So Overall:

My rating: 7.5/10

What is deserves: 5/10

Should you watch it? Depends if you can laugh at just plain absurd things or not.

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