Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

19 Dec

Welcome to Part two of the Guy Ritchie Double Feature!

If you missed the first part, my review of Snatch, just look at the previous post.

Now Onto:

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows:


I am going to make this review very brief so I’m going to just get to the point much quicker than the one for Snatch. First of all this film focuses on Holmes discovering the motives and later actions of his nemesis and intellectual equal Professor Moriarty. Rather than the first film which focused on sorcery this focuses on the politics of the villains decisions and it makes for a much more intriguing story line than the first in my opinion.

When you throw two of my favorite actors together in the same movie it’s most likely going to be a  good film with good performances all around. That is exactly what is done here. Robert Downey Jr. is back and better than ever as the brilliant detective Holmes, and Jude Law is back as his friend and side kick Dr. Watson. Both of them play the hell out of their parts and the result is great. You have the same hilarity as the first when it comes to their interactions, and that humor is well balanced with the actual story side of it. Accompanying them are a few new characters including Jared Harris as Professor Moriarty and Noomi Rapace as the gypsy Simza Heron. Along with them is the one and only Stephen Fry. I get that I said Downey and Law played the hell out of their parts but Fry took it to the next level and you can tell he enjoyed it. Great performances all around.

Back to Guy Ritchie. To anyone who has seen the first Sherlock Holmes film the scenes that you most likely think of are the analysis scenes of Holmes’ fights where he goes through, step by step, and explains what he will do. Those scenes are back and better than before in this new installment. In fact, along with being great simply by his explanations, the way Ritchie utilizes them in one of the final scenes is nothing short of brilliant. The master Storyteller is at it again.

The Verdict:


Solid Film. If you like Ritchie you’ll love the film and if you like the actors you’ll love the film.

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